Pack Your Bags, You... People
IBO's current host is going under. We've moved onto actual servers, now, because they won't close until Bungie starts to suck and at that point we should probably close too. At any rate, I'll be changing over the DNS as soon as I'm comfortable, probably Tuesday night or thereabouts. The server is already setup, so the change should be seamless except for the part where you're all jerked by the collar into the new server and have to re-register your nicks and channels. I'll open it up early to channel owners who might want to get a head-start on their registrations. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience. KP [ 01.07.08 | 23:04:49 ]

Downtime and Unreal Upgrade
We took the server offline for about ten minutes tonight in order to update the software running the server. This should fix an issue we had regarding maximum user connections as well as better safeguard the server from potential douche baggery. KP [ 06.19.07 | 03:02:59 ]

New Logo
You might notice a couple new images. If you'd like the hi-res image, check it out here. KP [ 04.29.07 | 14:23:14 ]

Our Host
Our host lies behind an ISP which has been having significant problems, of late. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but there's nothing we or our host can do. I'm looking into alternatives, I'll let you guys know when I figure something out. KP [ 02.28.07 | 23:44:46 ]

Unreal Upgrade
We've updated to the most recent version of Unreal, thanks to a friendly reminder from our biggest fans. This doesn't mean a whole hell of lot to you, the user. There was a bit of down time tonight as we upgraded the server, but it was prety limited and didn't affect anything important. Enjoy that new software smell, folks, while it lasts. KP [ 07.20.06 | 01:31:35 ]

How About Some News
I'm being told to update the news. So I shall.

Alright so here's what's happened in the past four months:

--- Server Up 184 days, 2:50:52
--- Highest connection count: 325 (324 clients)
--- u :End of /STATS report

Basically, what I'm saying is there's nothing to report because it's been business as usual. Although, we did see the return of the Wu in #hbo. That's kind of exciting.

Oh, I know I just totally jynxed myself on the uptime bit. I don't care. I'm that god damned rebellious. Also, I think I'll be taking IBO offline at some point in the future to make a minor upgrade and turn off a few really annoying "features." KP [ 07.06.06 | 02:50:14 ]

Commander Poo-pants
There's a new game going on in IBO to tell you about. The game is the Commander IRC game, the specifics of which you can read up on their site. I'm told that what it boils down to is a text-based RPG in which you join a gang, attack other gangs, accrue funds, kill stuff etc. You can check it out by joining #commander and seeing if it's something you're interested in. KP [ 03.23.06 | 17:41:30 ]

Statistical trivia
We have a couple new things going on with the network. First, the Stats on the site's navbar is new. It's the stats of #hbo and it updates every night around midnight Eastern time. Also, c0ld has created a trivia channel and in it is his trivia bot. Right now it's running standard trivia questions but he's also amassing Halo trivia over on his site. KP [ 03.05.06 | 22:13:28 ]

Down to Business
Now that the first news post is out of the way, I do have some actual news for you. c0ld vengeance and Haveblue are now both full admins on IBO. You can now go to them with your problems. On that note, the contact page has some new info on how to get in touch with the opers of IBO, namely the email address which reaches all of the network opers. This will help those of you with a question or issue which isn't terribly pressing. KP [ 01.22.06 | 21:14:55 ]

Long live IBO
Welcome to the dawning of a new era of websitery. A lot of the content is pretty self explanatory though we have a few things that may need explaining: The MOTD page contains the rules of the server which are sent to clients upon connection. The Channel Info page displays the current user count and topics of the server's 15 most popular channels. The Guides section can help you go get online for the first time and then later to refine your knowledge of IRC. The Java Client is there for those users who want to test out the IRC waters without doing a cannon ball. The Comic page is an automatically generated comic (written by Haveblue) which can, at times, be quite funny. Finally, the Cams page is a page hosting a lot of webcams from around the community. Feel free to poke around the site and give us some feedback. KP [ 01.20.06 | 16:52:01 ]