About IBO

IBO stands for irc.bungie.org which is a chat server that we run for the Bungie community. It is currently based on a server in California hosted by SSSINC hosting. The server is run by KP with help from c0ld, Lucifer7, haveblue and goatrope.

IBO was started in April 2005 after Subnova began to have issues, initially as a backup, but eventually as a replacement. We started out a customer of Enfinity Hosting and were so until 2006 when they decided to get out of the business, at which point we switched to SSSINC. Our user level continues to reach new heights, recently cresting over 200.

Our goal at IBO is to provide a safe, reliable place for Bungie fans to gather to talk about all the different facets of Bungie games. We currently host the official channels of several community sites such as HighImpactHalo.org, HaloBabies.net, JumpTactics.net, HaloGrid.com, MOAP PraetoriaGuard.com, The HBO Clans and of course Halo.Bungie.Org. Providing one central server to serve the whole community is something that we really pride ourselves on.