Welcome to IBO!

Some Basic Commands
A. /nick
This changes your nickname, so if you type "/nick Francois" your nick will be changed to "Francois."

B. /me
This is the action command, when you type "/me does something" what is displayed is "Zordon does something."

C. /msg
This will send someone a private message. The syntax is "/msg nick your message here." For instance, "/msg goatrope You call that a speedrun?" will not only send goatrope a message but question his manhood at the same time.

D. /j or /join
This will join a channel. Most clients permit the abbreviation "/j" in fact I haven't seen one which doesn't. So if you want to join a channel, you do "/j #channel" (the # sign must be there in many clients, though mirc will let you get away without it).

F. /list
This lists all of the public channels on a server. Doing it on IBO isn't such a bad idea but on larger servers like efnet or quakenet it's going to take a huge amount of time to process.

G. /part
This leaves a channel without leaving the server. It can be used with or without a parting message. For example, if you want to leave #hbo, you may just type "/part" and you'll leave it, or if you type "/part #hbo I'm leaving now!" then in #hbo people will see that you left and that message of "I'm leaving now!"

H. /quit
/Quit can be used just like /part, but it disconnects you from the server. If you type "/quit" then you'll simply disconnect, if you type "/quit I didn't like you guys anyways" then the fact that you quit will be displayed along with your message of "i didn't like you guys anyways."