Long live IBO
Welcome to the dawning of a new era of websitery. A lot of the content is pretty self explanatory though we have a few things that may need explaining: The MOTD page contains the rules of the server which are sent to clients upon connection. The Channel Info page displays the current user count and topics of the server's 15 most popular channels. The Guides section can help you go get online for the first time and then later to refine your knowledge of IRC. The Java Client is there for those users who want to test out the IRC waters without doing a cannon ball. The Comic page is an automatically generated comic (written by Haveblue) which can, at times, be quite funny. Finally, the Cams page is a page hosting a lot of webcams from around the community. Feel free to poke around the site and give us some feedback. KP [ 01.20.06 | 16:52:01 ]