How About Some News
I'm being told to update the news. So I shall.

Alright so here's what's happened in the past four months:

--- Server Up 184 days, 2:50:52
--- Highest connection count: 325 (324 clients)
--- u :End of /STATS report

Basically, what I'm saying is there's nothing to report because it's been business as usual. Although, we did see the return of the Wu in #hbo. That's kind of exciting.

Oh, I know I just totally jynxed myself on the uptime bit. I don't care. I'm that god damned rebellious. Also, I think I'll be taking IBO offline at some point in the future to make a minor upgrade and turn off a few really annoying "features." KP [ 07.06.06 | 02:50:14 ]